22-24 May 2018 Paris (France)

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Piraye Hacıgüzeller, Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities (Belgium)

Rebecca Kahn, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (Germany)

Patricia Murrieta-Flores, Digital Humanities Research Centre, University of Chester (United Kingdom)


The increasing trend of spatialisation in many disciplines within the social sciences and humanities (e.g. archaeology, art history, literary studies, sociology, anthropology) since the 1990s is brought about by the re-consideration of space as an equally important phenomenon as time where the constitution of social life is concerned. This “spatial turn” has rendered geo-humanities knowledge a key component in the theory and practice of social sciences and humanities. Geo-humanities is a dynamic and exciting domain today benefiting from the rapidly proliferating interaction between the disciplines of humanities, social sciences and geography and is continuously spurred on by fruitful challenges from the developments in digital technologies.

The geo-humanities working group seeks to establish a linked open data registry for a wide range of freely available geospatial datasets and services on the internet applicable to humanities research. It also aims to provide freely available, high quality e-schooling about innovative digital geo-humanities practices and research methodologies as part of the #dariahTeach learning platform.

WG MEETING AGENDA (May 23rd, 09:00-11:00)

  • Identification of the infrastructural needs of the working group (e.g. platforms, tools and funding), how DARIAH can help  and how else can they be tackled?
  • Plans to organise and distribute the workload stated in the proposal
  • Timeline for working group activities


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