22-24 May 2018 Paris (France)

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Dorien Styven (Kazerne Dossin)

Johan Van der Eycken (ARA)

Afelonne Doek (IISH)

Eric de Ruijter (IISH)


The goal of this working group is to bring together, and communicate about, knowledge, hands-on expertise and tools concerning sustainable publishing of (meta)data by integrating experiences from research infrastructures, such as EHRI, Europeana, APE and others, and in dialogue with the archival institutions.

The DARIAH working group started off where the “DARIAH Open Humanities” has left it; building onto the text published in the DARIAH-collection in the HAL repository (https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01281442) and the Capacity Maturity Model which is under development (led by DANS).

The goal is to continue integrating the experiences from research infrastructures, such as EHRI, Europeana, APE and others, and to continue the dialogue with the archival institutions. Via local as well as international initiatives we wish to keep the dialogue started in the DARIAH Open History workshop awake and address questions like: what are the archives’ strategic plans and policies for responding to requests for metadata and data? How can an archive integrate sustainable publishing of metadata (and data) into its existing archival workflows? How does an archive ensure metadata validates against the standards used? Equally, what does an archive need to know from a research infrastructure looking to integrate metadata and especially access to data ? How should user-generated data content and access to confidential data be managed, in combination and separately?

WG MEETING AGENDA (May 23rd, 09:00-11:00)

        Introduction of the working group and its goals (for new members)

  • Short explanation of workshop in Brussels and most important conclusions
  • Feedback on workshop
  • Project proposals for future grant applications
  • Presentations of new projects of interest to WG participants
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