22-24 May 2018 Paris (France)

Working Group Meetings > WG ELDAH (Ethics and Legality in the Digital Arts and Humanities)


Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar (HR)

Walter Scholger (AT)


In the age of digital information technology and the constant availability of information through the Internet, it is not only important to have democratic access to knowledge, but also essential to consider the potential that lies in the critical production and expansion of knowledge.

Of particular interest and concern to cultural heritage institutions and Humanities scholars are issues of copyright on, provision of and access to digitized material. There is a recognizable political drive in the European Union to facilitate free and public access to cultural heritage and research data in general hosted at publicly funded institutions. However, the lack of  legal harmonization and the diverse and often unclear national legislations on the use and provision of resources by public cultural heritage or research and education institutions has been prohibiting a much broader engagement. 

 Working Group aims to address the needs of the research & education community in our target area directly and - among other objectives - produce recommendations, training and information materials etcetera. 

WG MEETING AGENDA (May 22nd, 14:00-18:00). Please note that this meeting will take place at another location: (room 114 (1st floor), building C, 2 rue Simonne IFF, 75012 Paris)



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