22-24 May 2018 Paris (France)

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Fotis Jannidis (University of Würzburg)
Mike Kestemont (University of Antwerp)
Ever since the emergence of computing technologies in Humanities
research, many application areas have traditionally had a clear
orientation towards textual sources. With the advent of large digital
corpora in recent decades and the rise of the theoretical debate as to
the kinds of distant reading which they enable, scholars -- junior and
senior alike -- find themselves in dire need of novel tools and
practical guidance to help them realise the lofty goals which the field
has put forward. The DARIAH working group on Text & Data Analytics
Working group (TDA-WG) collaborates with local partners across Europe to
coordinate and stimulate the multiple, intersecting initiatives that aim
to advance the application of quantitative methods for text and data
analysis in the Humanities. A special emphasis is put on teaching
practical skills, including the development of low-entry tools that
enable scholars at any stage in their career to get involved with
digital text analysis. This session is meant to provide a non-specialist
overview of the activities of our members and showcase the recent
progress which has been made.
WG MEETING AGENDA (May 23rd, 11:00-13:00)
11:00 Mike Kestemont: "Hogwarts.txt: Teaching Digital Literary Studies
using Harry Potter as a case study"
11:30 Christof Schöch: "A COST Action on Distant Reading in European
Literary History"
12:00 Fotis Jannidis: "Word embeddings and text semantics"
12:30 Steffen Pielström: "Topic Modeling made easy - DARIAH's efforts to
improve a method's accessability"
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