22-24 May 2018 Paris (France)

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Emiliano Degl'Innocenti  (CNR)
Paul Bertrand 


This group wants to structure the digital landscape around data/sources used by all scholars gathered under the umbrella term of ìMediaevalistsî, i.e. historians, art historians, philologists, codicologists, archaeologists, musicologists, etc. The documents studied by these scholars are numerous and very varied: literary or archival documents, iconic documents, archaeological or architectural documents, etc.

This group is part of COST Action IS1005 Medioevo Europeo; it is an emanation of DARIAH BE, DARIAH IT and DARIAH FR. Open to all European partners and researchers concerned with structuring the field of digital humanities relating to medieval sources, it has adopted the principles of open access and open data.

 It draws on the tools and institutions developed at national level and aims to federate efforts

  • to carry out a census of tools, databases and data repositories relating to medieval sources
  • to bring existing analysis, publishing and publishing companies closer to medieval sources
  • to contribute to the establishment of European standards relating to medieval sources and their exploitation
  • to assist in the recognition (labelling) of national projects and in the construction of European projects relating to medieval sources or based on medieval sources
  • to design and set up training operations around tools and procedures for the exploitation of medieval sources
  • to communicate on digital humanities enterprises and projects related to medieval sources

This meeting is an opportunity to launch the working group, which has so far been unable to get off to a real start. To do this, all interested researchers are invited to come forward before, during or after the WG Meeting. Young researchers are particularly invited to come forward. Group management will be collaborative and will therefore be particularly open to them.


The agenda of the WG Meeting in Paris is: 

  • agreement on objectives
  • presentation of the Cosme2 Consortium (CNRS/Huma-Num) and its contribution to the WG.
  • project proposals
    •  Overlay Journal devoted to works on literacy, the history of writing practices and the exploitation of medieval sources
    • Training dedicated to the exploitation of medieval springs
    • Communication (via the web)
  • constitution of a steering committe of the working group



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