22-24 May 2018 Paris (France)


The theme for this year's event will be that of Open Science.

The digitally-enabled arts and humanities have long been a source of collaboration, sharing, openness to new ideas and methods thanks to the profound and pervasive effects of advancing digital research.

Humanists have both pragmatically and philosophically understood that cooperation in teams and openness to innovation are by now intrinsic characteristics of successful research in the field. In recent years, growing out of the broader Open Access movement, the topic of an even deeper Open Science has emerged, both from the research community itself, as well as from research institutions, funders, governments and supranational bodies that wish to see science done in a way that has more impact, is more accessible to both academic peers and the public and is available for inter- and multidisciplinary research.

At this annual event we would like to discuss with the DARIAH.EU community how we deal with issues of open science in the research infrastructure we build, and how the humanities can promote new methodologies for open collaboration.



DARIAH activities

The DARIAH 2018 event is an opportunity for researchers, Working Groups, DARIAH related projects, and the governing bodies in DARIAH to meet, present progress and new ideas, exchange experiences, and discuss future challenges. The event consists of three parts:

1) DARIAH-EU Plenary sessions 

2) Parallel sessions with workshops on topics of open science. The second part is kicked-off by the marketplace where working groups and affiliated DARIAH projects will showcase their research activities.

3) Additionally, there will be opportunities for colleagues to work together on their DARIAH activities face-to-face, such as Working Group meetings.

 A (self-paid) social dinner is organized on Wednesday 23rd may at 20:00 at Restaurant Bouillon Racine. Details about the dinner will follow soon. 

Keynote lectures

We are particularly pleased to announce the keynote speakers that will open and close the event, and that will focus on the event’s theme of open science:

Open Science is just good science by Dr. Jon Tennant

Intellectual Property Rights in Ethically Open Science by Prof. Teresa Scassa


We are excited to announce four interactive sessions and workshops on the theme of Open Science, that will take place on Thursday 24th May. 

Promoting Open Scholarship in DH: Reasons and Tools for Open Licensing

DH Course Registry Metadatathon 

Open Peer Review Hands on: Alternative Methods of Evaluation in Scholarly Publishing 

DH in Ten Years From Now: PARTHENOS Foresight Studies Workshop

For any information please contact us at: dariah-cio@dariah.eu

Programme committee

Agiatis Benardou – Digital Curation Unit, R.C. “Athena” / University of Glasgow
Suzanne Dumouchel – Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Huma-Num
Frank Fischer – DARIAH-EU and Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Adeline Joffres – Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Huma-Num
Mike Mertens – DARIAH-EU
Francesca Morselli – Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Marcin Werla – Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Roxanne Wyns – LIBIS K.U.Leuven

Online user: 2